Rough or Tender

Rough or Tender it’s all up to you. In this Lucas Kazan scene, we got a smart ass getting his ass hammered and learning important lessons of respecting the people around him. he just moved in the building and since that day he kept it on party after another. During the weekend nobody minded it, but during the week it wasn’t that much fun. All the neighbors were hoping that it will eventually end but this guy wasn;t going to stop too soon. They all went to him and tried to talk him into having his parties in the weekend but he just didn’t listen. Well after they tried it the nice way it was only one way to solve things, call the police.

So during the next party, he had a surprise visit from a police officer. But this isn;t your ordinary guy, this policeman really enjoys hammering asses and doesn’t mind at all fucking straight guys. He insisted on paying the fee but he wasn’t interested in that, he just wanted his turn on that ass. so the question is rougher or tender? The guy didn’t really have a choice and that’s how he ended up in his bedroom with the horny officer getting his ass roughly hammered. The faster everything ended the better so he picked the rougher option. This officer did him well and you can see it all in the LucasKazan update below!


Watch here this guy stretching a tight butthole!