Roberto and Giorgio

Roberto and Giorgio are the latest Lucas Kazan guests. The two studs couldn’t keep their hands off each other and you can see that all though their encounter. Things just got hotter and hotter with them, so get ready to see a lot of ass fucking in this one as well. Roberto and Giorgio are good old friends but now they pasted that barrier and it’s safe to say that this kind of ruined their friendship. But it’s not like either of them are sorry about it. The guys were hanging at Roberto’s place to watch a game when it all started. The tension has always been there but neither of them did anything about it. Once Giorgio made his first move and Roberto didn’t back off things were pretty clear.

It was going to a great afternoon and the beginning of something way greater than their friendship. The horny hunks didn’t hold back from too many things and now they got to do it all with their best friend. Isn’t that nice? It’s great for them and even better for us because now we have a steamy scene and they are made for one another and we think that’s why everything went so great for them, from blowing their dicks to getting their asses hammered everything was on the highest level, offering us one of the best scene we’ve seen lately. Anyways you have it all below!


Take a look at this hunk getting his ass pounded!