Raul Korso Bottoms For Tomas Brand

Welcome back as promised we have a new scene for you! Nothing is better than an affair behind closed doors. But everyone knows that there’s no such thing as secrets here at Lucas Kazan. Raul Korso and Tomas had a little affair a few days ago and we are pretty sure that he didn’t really want things exposed and have everyone see him pounding asses. Both Raul and Tomas wanted to keep it under the covers because both of them are seeing other people and that’s why we have this. Raul’s guy found this gallery around his things, he didn’t do a great job hiding it and that’s started it all.

He wasn’t going to be played like that, besides cheating he even had the audacity to keep a proof of it under their roof. Raul was going to have a pretty big surprise the next day because besides ending up completely alone in the house, his ex let his know that the tape is that public so everyone can see him. It wasn’t the ideal situation being seen banging one of the house helps but it is what it is. Things didn’t worked so well for Raul but we still have a great scene to check out. We loved it and we are sure that you guys will too. That was is for today, but tomorrow we are going to bring you a fresh LucasKazan scene so stay tuned!


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Lucas Kazan – Diego and Wagner

These Lucas Kazan studs understood pretty fast how things go around here. You have to bring your A game and that’s what they did. So get ready to see two more horny hunks taking dicks up their asses in today’s update. Everyone knows that LucasKazan is the place you want to be in this business. They sent us their best scene and after you’ll see it, you’ll agree with us. It’s not every day we get to see so much lust in one scene and have two hot studs in it to makes it even better. Diego and Wagner were at the place ready to have some fun when they decided to record everything. Diego was the one in charge with it all, but Wagner stepped up as well and as the scene start you are going to see them exchanging roles. Another great things is that you got one of the best seats in the house, it’s gonna be like you are there with them.

Wagner couldn’t keep his hands off Diego so it was natural that he was the one to start it all with a blowjob. There’s a lot of keeping up to do around here so make yourself comfortable and get ready for an unbelievable ride. Diego couldn’t let Wagner do everything around there so he got a piece of his instead and he didn’t have any mercy on his sorry ass. Diego and Wagner kept on pleasing one another with the camera next to them recording. This should keep you busy for a bit!


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Private Sex Files

The private sex files aren’t so private around here thanks to Lucas Kazan. We’re not sure if their first thought was to share their sex video with everyone, but we are happy that they did it anyway. So get ready to see two more hunks nailing their asses in a hardcore home made sex tape. It’s one thing when you know that the tape is going to be shared but do you do when the thing end up online because of your ex? There isn’t too much you can do just sit back and hope not everyone sees it. As you figured out things didn’t end that well between them so it isn’t such a big surprise to see this tape being shared around.


The guy wanted revenge and this is the best way he thought off and although it’s not fair you gotta admit it’s a pretty bold move. Don’t forget both of them appear in it so it’s not like one of them gets a easier way out of it. Things were pretty hot in it and they are as real as they can be. So get ready for some raw gay sex scenes filmed by these two around the house. We know that you wanna see the video so make sure you check it out by following the link below. This was today’s LucasKazan update and we are sure that you guys will enjoy it as much as we did. See you next time!

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Lucas Kazan – Ariel and Fabio

Lucas Kazan has returned as promised with more studs. Their names are Ariel and Fabio and they are here to show you guys a really good time. You guys must remember Ariel, he’s been around here a few times and we actually had him here the other day, hammering more asses. Fabio is the new guy around but who knows this might be the beginning of a great career. From what we saw in this scene he knows a thing or two so we really hope we’re gonna see more from him in the future. He picked the right guy to make his entry in the business and now it was his turn to show off just how good he is in front of the rolling cameras.

Fabio wasn’t shy at all and was the first one butt naked from the two of them. Ariel left the new guy to do his thing while he was enjoying the view. The cute new stud, Fabio, surprised everyone in the best way possible. This guy is made for the camera, just look at his sucking off Ariel’s hard dick. But things didn’t stop there and Ariel got a piece of his tight little ass to finish it in the best way possible. Ariel and Fabio gave us another amazing LucasKazan update and you get to check it out entirely below. See you guys next time with more!


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Lucas Kazan – The Photobook

Lucas Kazan is back with two more hot studs ready to get down and dirty in front of the recording cameras. The studs were testing out their camera when things took a weird twist and they ended up blowing their dicks and slamming their butts instead. They ordered this new camera and once it got there they had to test it out. But the testing didn’t go as planned, it went way better. While the horny studs were in the living room taking pictures clothes started falling and before you know it they were butt naked having their nude session. With these LucasKazan guys you can expect things to escalade quickly, because most of the time this is what happens.

Maybe their photobook didn’t turn out as they wished it to, but damn they gave us some hot pics! It’s not like they can’t still have their photo book, it’s just they’re gonna make it a nude one and keep it to themselves. We don’t think anyone else would be too curious to see their friends butt naked sucking and riding dicks. This photo book isn’t for everyone, but we are sure that you guys will enjoy it as much as we did. There are some really steamy pics, some nice close ups and all the blowjobs, handjobs, rimming and ass fucking waiting for you guys to check them out in the gallery below. So make sure you take a look. Enjoy it!


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Federico D’Angelo and Jordan Fox

Federico D’Angelo and Jordan Fox are here in the latest Lucas Kazan update and the two jocks had a blast in it. Just look at Jordan getting his ass hammered by Federico, have you seen a happier man? They really love what they do and it shows. Although they are really comfortable with one another these two actually met a few days ago with the help of some of their friends and as you can see things really went their way. Things escalated really fast with them from the beginning and we couldn’t be happier about it. That means more gay porn for us and you know LucasKazan always brings you the best gay sex scenes in the business.

But back to our hot studs of the day, Federico was the one to initiate it all after he invited Jordan to his place the next day after they met and below you have the result of that invitation. It was the smart move and things started moving really fast for them and soon the guys were all over each other. Clothes off, sloppy blowjobs, some ass eating and here they are ready to smash their asses. The horny hunks had a pretty good first date if you ask us and the good news is that you can see the LucasKazan jocks in full action in the scene below. This was all for today so make sure you check it out entirely!


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Lucas Kazan – The Blogger

This hot blogger wanted an exclusive interview and he sure got one in this latest Lucas Kazan update. When you are too noisy this is what happens, this cute blogger wouldn’t call it quits so he got fucked and jizzed for that. These bloggers really want to get all the dirty and sometimes they have to work their asses off to get that, literally. This is this blogger’s story as well and he just couldn’t call it quits until he didn’t land an interview. To get rid of his sorry ass he got just that, a practical interview but it didn’t went as he would’ve expected. This came as a bit of a surprise for him as well, he wasn’t expecting things to get this physical with a complete stranger.

That was their deal, an ass fuck for an interview and at the moment it seemed a pretty good trade. But the poor guy never got his interview, all he’s left with is a rough ass pounding that he won’t forget too soon. The blogger agreed to get fuck before the interview and it was a rough night. In the preview below you can see him blowing his hard dick but there’s more to it, so much more action that needs to be covered. Check them out in action in the latest LucasKazan update and tell us what you think about the cute blogger and his behind the scenes action. Is he doing a good job or not?


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Darius Ferdynand and Denis Vega

Darius Ferdynand and Denis Vega are the latest Lucas Kazan star guests. We’re telling you these guys are getting hotter and hotter with each update and we can’t wait to see the two horny studs, Darius and Denis in action, nailing their asses. Darius finally got his hands on the younger hunk, Denis. Darius has been checking him out for a while and now he finally gets him where he wanted, busy sucking off his dick. Denis made him really work for him although he was also interested in him, Denis wanted to have some fun with it. It was so entertaining to see him trying to ask him out for so long, but now it was over with all the games and all they have to do is seal the deal.


Both Darius and Denis made all the wait worth it because once they got into it, it was unbelievable. As you can see from the preview below, the guys took their time showing off their goods in front of the camera while pleasing one another. Darius was the first one getting pleased and Denis had a blast sucking off his hard dick and then fucking Darius’ ass. But we gotta confess we think we enjoyed it as much as they did and you can see it for yourself by following the link below. See you next time with more horny jocks in some steamy guy on guy action!

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Lucas Kazan Sketches

The first part of Sketches is here thanks to Lucas Kazan. As you got used to all the hunks around here are some of the hottest and nastiest ones and once they get things started you’re going to see some of the best hardcore gay ass fucking scenes. Our studs from today’s update both look amazing and we can’t wait to see them in action. To keep it short, old friends reconnecting in the best way possible. Last night, late in the night a booty call was made and that started it all for them. Hot, drunk and horny, yeah he was in the mood for some action and found it amongst his closest friends. Well, they weren’t actual friends, but they are friends with benefits and this is one of the great things about it, sex with no strings attached.

Once he got to his house the jocks went down on it and before you know it they were butt naked on their way to the bedroom. You can see their warm up in the living room, but the real action takes place in the bedroom. Not that it isn’t nice to see this guy getting his ass eaten out but it would be much better if it included some ass pounding and you can find it in the exclusive gallery below. Make sure you check it out entirely in the gallery below. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time!


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Ariel Vanean Fucks Ken Summers

Lucas Kazan brought you two more jocks Ariel Vanean and Ken Summers. Ariel and Ken don’t waste their time and jump right to business and they did a hell of a job hammering one another’s ass in this latest update. The two jocks shared with us some of their hottest pictures and as you can see things got pretty intense between them. Both of them, as you can see, are young, horny and ready for some backdoor action. The studs start it all by teasing us with their great bodies and their fat dicks. We can’t complain they really look great but this isn’t why they are here, we want more from them and we are sure that you guys want the same thing.

We want some action and they are ready to give us that in the best way possible. After some nasty foreplay the guys went down on each other for an intense cock sucking marathon and they left their asses last. As you know LucasKazan always brings the hottest jocks and besides their amazing bodies they all lone one thing, and that is nailing asses. Ariel and Ken aren’t that different and all they want to do is to hit some ass and they got theirs in this one. The hot studs took turns on hammering one another’s fine ass and you get to see it all in the picture gallery below. Enjoy it and see you guys tomorrow with more steamy updates!


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