Will Helm and Dario Beck

Lucas Kazan brought you two more studs, Will Helm and Dario Beck. Like every guy around here, they aim to please and hopefully they’ll get things working for you. Will and Dario stick to the basics so don’t be surprised to see them getting their asses drilled in the process. Both young, horny and sharing the same interest for guys, match made in Heaven. Their asses were the center of attention during this entire thing. They’ve been back and forth with it for so long that we thought this was never going to happen. That’s why is so hard to bring you updates from them. Will was the one playing hard to get and Dario had some work to put to get in his pants. But at the end of the day, it was all worth it once he got his hands on that fine ass of his.

There was so much passion and lust between them and that made it even harder for us to follow them around the house. Thankfully they settled in the bed and there we got some really nice shots of them, close ups everything you guys like seeing. From stripping to slamming their holes was a pretty short way but it has everything it takes to make it a great scene. Enjoy it and see you guys next time with another hot update from LucasKazan. Don’t forget to get back tomorrow for more gay sex scenes!


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Lucas Kazan – Raul and Tomas

Hey, guys. Do you remember one of our latest Lucas Kazan updates the one with Raul? Well, we have more pictures from it. After seeing appreciated the first one was, the guys got another one for us. Raul and Tomas are both in it and the did an even better job than they did the first time. It’s not that we didn’t enjoy them fucking their asses then, but now things got way more interesting. Tomas, the hunk we barely talked about in the first part, showed us more of what he can do and was the master for this one. Raul took the back seat for this one and let his hot lover be in charge. Tomas is so hot that whatever he asks, Raul is going to do it and that’s way to much power over a person and Tomas takes full advatange of it in the best way possible.


Raul and Tomas flaunted their fine bodies in front of the rolling cameras before getting it started with the hard stuff. If you check out the entire gallery you are going to see our hunk Raul sucking off Tomas’ big fat dick and getting cum all over his pretty face and also got his ass hammered by the hot hunk. In case you didn’t see their first LucasKazan scene you can between the latest updates to check it out entirely. For more gay blowjobs, ass fucking and rimming stay tuned!

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Wagner and Darius

Lucas Kazan is back and so are Wagner and Darius with the second part of their scene. We told you guys that we are going to bring you the follow up from their first one and here it is. A fresh new encounter with these two is here to please you all. The ripped hunks Wagner and Darius continued with the fun, the place is different but the action is as intense as the first one, the same rough ass fucking. They kept it simple and everything actually takes place in Wagner’s house. There the guys get busy pretty fast and before you know it they are butt naked in the middle of the house. It was great seeing those rock hard bodies on display once more.

Wagner was too anxious and that’s pretty much explaines why the scene started with him fucking Darius, or with Darius riding his hard dick. However you say it, Darius is still getting fucked. We didn’t forgot anything, this is just Wagner getting what he wants when he wants it and Wagner couldn’t wait to get a piece of that tight ass. Just like in the first one it’s like a roller-coaster ride with these two, you never know what might happen or what’s next. They are all over the place doing their best the please one another. We know you guys missed seeing their fucking and filling their asses so here it goes. Enjoy the LucasKazan update!


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Lucas Kazan – My Professor

There must be something in the air because lately, all we have here at Lucas Kazan are horny teachers. This older guy is one of them as you can see he has one of his students cleaning up the house for him and the guy it’s completely naked so it’s pretty clear what is going to happen next. He didn’t call him to his house just to clean the place, let’s be serious, his visit is going to end with some serious ass drilling. If you’re into guys and work with hot students every single day it must be pretty hard to keep your hands just to yourself. This shouldn’t be an excuse but we still happy that he did it and that we have it here at LucasKazan. It must be really nice to have a young hunk walking around the house butt naked cleaning and fixing things.

If your grades aren’t high enough this is what happens to you. Everyone know how the professor deals with his guys. One visit to his place and they are back on track. There’s nothing that a good ass fucking session can’t do to you. The horny professor likes playing with them around the house as if that wasn’t embarrassing enough already. For an old dude, he’s going a damn good job. He’s keeping up with these younger guys and he definitely takes really good care of their asses. Enjoy!


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The English Tutor

English lessons got a lot more interesting, at least for this guy here. Lucas Kazan has some of the greatest stories for you guys and nothing beat a teacher-student affair. This hot stud would’ve never thought that he was going to get fucked by his tutor. First of all, he would’ve never guessed that he is into dudes and secondly he never saw any interest in him during classes. No looks or indecent comments. So when he decided to take some private lessons he actually believed that that’s gonna be all that he will go to receive. Well, needless to say, that his teacher had a different plan in mind and he was going to get his. The English tutor was pretty up straight with his intentions from their first meeting so everyone knew that it was going to happen soon.

After a few lessons, he started making his moves at his hot student and The poor guy couldn’t do a thing about it. He had to keep his mouth shut if he wanted a big grade and besides no one was going to believe him anyway. He was at his tutor’s house so there weren’t too many things to do then to get things on a roll. The horny tutor got him and banged his hot student and it was everything you would expect it to be. Check them out in action in the latest LucasKazan update. See you tomorrow with more gay porn!


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Lucas Kazan – Madrid Tales

The Madrid tales continue and Lucas Kazan is the place where you are going to find all the action. As you can see these studs don’t mess around and once the cameras started rolling they got down and dirty for some action. The preview below should give you a pretty good example of what goes down in this one. Two ripped jocks eating their asses out, it’s nothing like it. They seemed such a good fit and we weren’t wrong. Both of them are hot, look unbelievable and we were just curious to see them putting those hard dicks at work. So the Madrid tales focus actually on one thing and that’s pretty much all there is to know. Hot guys, with great bodies having someone on fun and that fun, include backdoor action, always.

LucasKazan knew that you guys will enjoy seeing them because let’s face it who wouldn’t love seeing these two stuffing their asses. The ripped jocks kept it all in the kitchen, on the kitchen counter to be more precise and took all the time in the world to cater to each and every need. Sucking dicks was the main things happening and seeing them getting their mouth stuffed and jizzed was the best thing we’ve seen today. That’s all from this series, but we can’t wait to see part two of it. Until the next update, be sure to watch some of the older scenes too!


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Rough or Tender

Rough or Tender it’s all up to you. In this Lucas Kazan scene, we got a smart ass getting his ass hammered and learning important lessons of respecting the people around him. he just moved in the building and since that day he kept it on party after another. During the weekend nobody minded it, but during the week it wasn’t that much fun. All the neighbors were hoping that it will eventually end but this guy wasn;t going to stop too soon. They all went to him and tried to talk him into having his parties in the weekend but he just didn’t listen. Well after they tried it the nice way it was only one way to solve things, call the police.

So during the next party, he had a surprise visit from a police officer. But this isn;t your ordinary guy, this policeman really enjoys hammering asses and doesn’t mind at all fucking straight guys. He insisted on paying the fee but he wasn’t interested in that, he just wanted his turn on that ass. so the question is rougher or tender? The guy didn’t really have a choice and that’s how he ended up in his bedroom with the horny officer getting his ass roughly hammered. The faster everything ended the better so he picked the rougher option. This officer did him well and you can see it all in the LucasKazan update below!


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Lucas Kazan – Leo and Logan

Leo and Logan, two names that should sound familiar for all you Lucas Kazan fans. If case this is the first time you are around here, you are going to love these two jocks. Nobody does it like them and each other their scenes are a proof of that. They take things to a whole other level and each time they meet it’s something special, from the ass slamming to the dick sucking. When you see those two names you know you are going to witness great scene. Leo and Logan are some of the oldest guys and the most experienced guys around here. The two ripped jocks had a pretty intense meeting a few days ago and of course they had the camera with them all the time, recording it all. We weren’t kidding when we said that here you are going to find some of the hottest guys in action.

Leo and Logan here at the perfect example of that. Just look at them in this empty house bending over and taking dicks up their asses, after doing it for so many times you can only get better at it. They are two of the best guys from the LucasKazan family and they shared with you guys one of their latest one. If you want to see more from them make sure to check out some of the older updates, they have a few scenes. Enjoy it!


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Roberto and Giorgio

Roberto and Giorgio are the latest Lucas Kazan guests. The two studs couldn’t keep their hands off each other and you can see that all though their encounter. Things just got hotter and hotter with them, so get ready to see a lot of ass fucking in this one as well. Roberto and Giorgio are good old friends but now they pasted that barrier and it’s safe to say that this kind of ruined their friendship. But it’s not like either of them are sorry about it. The guys were hanging at Roberto’s place to watch a game when it all started. The tension has always been there but neither of them did anything about it. Once Giorgio made his first move and Roberto didn’t back off things were pretty clear.

It was going to a great afternoon and the beginning of something way greater than their friendship. The horny hunks didn’t hold back from too many things and now they got to do it all with their best friend. Isn’t that nice? It’s great for them and even better for us because now we have a steamy scene and they are made for one another and we think that’s why everything went so great for them, from blowing their dicks to getting their asses hammered everything was on the highest level, offering us one of the best scene we’ve seen lately. Anyways you have it all below!


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Lucas Kazan – Ken and Ariel

Good news Ariel is back at Lucas Kazan with another cute guy to hammer. Ariel always finds himself around some of the hottest jocks so you can’t really blame him for trying his luck. Sometimes things don’t go his way but when they do he won’t miss the chance to stuff a fine ass. Ken was one of those guys that fell for his charms and didn’t mind finishing their date at Ariel’s house. It’s not like he didn’t wanted it, so why wait. Things moved pretty fast between them so don’t be surprised if you see them dressed and out of a sudden they are in the bedroom completely naked. We didn’t skip pictures it’s just the pace of their little encounter. These guys move a lot faster than the rest but you are going to love it.


So yeah, things moved a lot faster than most of the things around here. That doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to see them blowing dicks and nail their asses, it’s just them skipping over the boring parts and jumping right into the action. We knew what to expect from Ariel but Ken really surprised us and he did an amazing job during it all, no holding back or second thoughts, all in. This is what makes this scene so damn good, both Ariel and Ken did a great job. You must see this and until next time make sure to take a look at some of the older LucasKazan updates!

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