Lucas Kazan – My Professor

There must be something in the air because lately, all we have here at Lucas Kazan are horny teachers. This older guy is one of them as you can see he has one of his students cleaning up the house for him and the guy it’s completely naked so it’s pretty clear what is going to happen next. He didn’t call him to his house just to clean the place, let’s be serious, his visit is going to end with some serious ass drilling. If you’re into guys and work with hot students every single day it must be pretty hard to keep your hands just to yourself. This shouldn’t be an excuse but we still happy that he did it and that we have it here at LucasKazan. It must be really nice to have a young hunk walking around the house butt naked cleaning and fixing things.

If your grades aren’t high enough this is what happens to you. Everyone know how the professor deals with his guys. One visit to his place and they are back on track. There’s nothing that a good ass fucking session can’t do to you. The horny professor likes playing with them around the house as if that wasn’t embarrassing enough already. For an old dude, he’s going a damn good job. He’s keeping up with these younger guys and he definitely takes really good care of their asses. Enjoy!


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