Lucas Kazan – Leo and Logan

Leo and Logan, two names that should sound familiar for all you Lucas Kazan fans. If case this is the first time you are around here, you are going to love these two jocks. Nobody does it like them and each other their scenes are a proof of that. They take things to a whole other level and each time they meet it’s something special, from the ass slamming to the dick sucking. When you see those two names you know you are going to witness great scene. Leo and Logan are some of the oldest guys and the most experienced guys around here. The two ripped jocks had a pretty intense meeting a few days ago and of course they had the camera with them all the time, recording it all. We weren’t kidding when we said that here you are going to find some of the hottest guys in action.

Leo and Logan here at the perfect example of that. Just look at them in this empty house bending over and taking dicks up their asses, after doing it for so many times you can only get better at it. They are two of the best guys from the LucasKazan family and they shared with you guys one of their latest one. If you want to see more from them make sure to check out some of the older updates, they have a few scenes. Enjoy it!


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