Lucas Kazan – Ken and Ariel

Good news Ariel is back at Lucas Kazan with another cute guy to hammer. Ariel always finds himself around some of the hottest jocks so you can’t really blame him for trying his luck. Sometimes things don’t go his way but when they do he won’t miss the chance to stuff a fine ass. Ken was one of those guys that fell for his charms and didn’t mind finishing their date at Ariel’s house. It’s not like he didn’t wanted it, so why wait. Things moved pretty fast between them so don’t be surprised if you see them dressed and out of a sudden they are in the bedroom completely naked. We didn’t skip pictures it’s just the pace of their little encounter. These guys move a lot faster than the rest but you are going to love it.


So yeah, things moved a lot faster than most of the things around here. That doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to see them blowing dicks and nail their asses, it’s just them skipping over the boring parts and jumping right into the action. We knew what to expect from Ariel but Ken really surprised us and he did an amazing job during it all, no holding back or second thoughts, all in. This is what makes this scene so damn good, both Ariel and Ken did a great job. You must see this and until next time make sure to take a look at some of the older LucasKazan updates!

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