Raul Korso Bottoms For Tomas Brand

Welcome back as promised we have a new scene for you! Nothing is better than an affair behind closed doors. But everyone knows that there’s no such thing as secrets here at Lucas Kazan. Raul Korso and Tomas had a little affair a few days ago and we are pretty sure that he didn’t really want things exposed and have everyone see him pounding asses. Both Raul and Tomas wanted to keep it under the covers because both of them are seeing other people and that’s why we have this. Raul’s guy found this gallery around his things, he didn’t do a great job hiding it and that’s started it all.

He wasn’t going to be played like that, besides cheating he even had the audacity to keep a proof of it under their roof. Raul was going to have a pretty big surprise the next day because besides ending up completely alone in the house, his ex let his know that the tape is that public so everyone can see him. It wasn’t the ideal situation being seen banging one of the house helps but it is what it is. Things didn’t worked so well for Raul but we still have a great scene to check out. We loved it and we are sure that you guys will too. That was is for today, but tomorrow we are going to bring you a fresh LucasKazan scene so stay tuned!


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