Private Sex Files

The private sex files aren’t so private around here thanks to Lucas Kazan. We’re not sure if their first thought was to share their sex video with everyone, but we are happy that they did it anyway. So get ready to see two more hunks nailing their asses in a hardcore home made sex tape. It’s one thing when you know that the tape is going to be shared but do you do when the thing end up online because of your ex? There isn’t too much you can do just sit back and hope not everyone sees it. As you figured out things didn’t end that well between them so it isn’t such a big surprise to see this tape being shared around.


The guy wanted revenge and this is the best way he thought off and although it’s not fair you gotta admit it’s a pretty bold move. Don’t forget both of them appear in it so it’s not like one of them gets a easier way out of it. Things were pretty hot in it and they are as real as they can be. So get ready for some raw gay sex scenes filmed by these two around the house. We know that you wanna see the video so make sure you check it out by following the link below. This was today’s LucasKazan update and we are sure that you guys will enjoy it as much as we did. See you next time!

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