Lucas Kazan – The Blogger

This hot blogger wanted an exclusive interview and he sure got one in this latest Lucas Kazan update. When you are too noisy this is what happens, this cute blogger wouldn’t call it quits so he got fucked and jizzed for that. These bloggers really want to get all the dirty and sometimes they have to work their asses off to get that, literally. This is this blogger’s story as well and he just couldn’t call it quits until he didn’t land an interview. To get rid of his sorry ass he got just that, a practical interview but it didn’t went as he would’ve expected. This came as a bit of a surprise for him as well, he wasn’t expecting things to get this physical with a complete stranger.

That was their deal, an ass fuck for an interview and at the moment it seemed a pretty good trade. But the poor guy never got his interview, all he’s left with is a rough ass pounding that he won’t forget too soon. The blogger agreed to get fuck before the interview and it was a rough night. In the preview below you can see him blowing his hard dick but there’s more to it, so much more action that needs to be covered. Check them out in action in the latest LucasKazan update and tell us what you think about the cute blogger and his behind the scenes action. Is he doing a good job or not?


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