Lucas Kazan Sketches

The first part of Sketches is here thanks to Lucas Kazan. As you got used to all the hunks around here are some of the hottest and nastiest ones and once they get things started you’re going to see some of the best hardcore gay ass fucking scenes. Our studs from today’s update both look amazing and we can’t wait to see them in action. To keep it short, old friends reconnecting in the best way possible. Last night, late in the night a booty call was made and that started it all for them. Hot, drunk and horny, yeah he was in the mood for some action and found it amongst his closest friends. Well, they weren’t actual friends, but they are friends with benefits and this is one of the great things about it, sex with no strings attached.

Once he got to his house the jocks went down on it and before you know it they were butt naked on their way to the bedroom. You can see their warm up in the living room, but the real action takes place in the bedroom. Not that it isn’t nice to see this guy getting his ass eaten out but it would be much better if it included some ass pounding and you can find it in the exclusive gallery below. Make sure you check it out entirely in the gallery below. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time!


Take a look at jock getting his ass eaten out!